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The library Haskell library/media program is to foster a lifelong engagement with the stimulating world of ideas and information. As well as, to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information.

Library/Media Goals:
  • Inspire in students a love of discovery
  • Promote information literacy
  • Cultivate and encourage reading for both learning and enjoyment
  • Provide a diverse collection of print and electronic resources to support personal and academic growth
Explore, Learn to Search, Find a Journey into Imagination

Wondering if the library has a copy of a certain book or materials to support study of a particular topic? Find out by searching the ABCUSD new web-based online catalog. Haskell's new catalog allows you to search our library book collection from any computer that has Internet access. Our current collection has a vast and varied assortment of interesting, high-quality books including fiction, non-fiction, easy picture books, foreign language, and reference materials. As you become comfortable searching the web-based library management system you'll realize it's more than just a catalog with book summaries, reading levels, book cover pictures, and additional information. Ready, let's explore the Haskell/Media Center catalog. 
  • Connect to the online catalog page 
          go directly to under middle schools 
          click on the link for Haskell Middle School. 
  • A Basic Library Search lets you find books by Keywords, Title, Author, Subject, or Series 
  • Type the book title then click the Title icon. 
  • Your search title results will populate. 
  • Select a book by clicking on the title of the book. 
  • The link will provide information and availability for the selected book. 
o help your student grow as a reader, make connections between your student's interest and books to read. If your student likes animals, try to locate books on animals both fiction and nonfiction. Help improve your student's independent reading habit by setting a goal to read 20 minutes a day. Challenge and motivate your student to read books with the target Lexile range (50 Lexiles above and 100 below Lexile measure).

Happy Reading!