Attendance Policy


Good school attendance is important to a student’s success at the middle school. Poor attendance usually results in poor achievement. The majority of students who maintain regular attendance and are rarely absent, throughout a given school year, often prove to be the students who are academically successful. Although this isn’t the only factor involved in achieving good grades we find that… when you miss school, you miss out!

Student Absences/Re-Admit Slip
  1. A parent should call the Haskell Middle School Attendance Office at 229-7815 by 9:00 A.M. Otherwise the school must contact the home or parent’s workplace to confirm the absence.
  2. When returning to school from an absence, students must bring a note that is signed by their parent to the Attendance Office. The note must contain the date(s) of absence, student’s full name, and the specific reason for the absence. 
  3. Parents may not keep students home to baby-sit, run errands, or for any non-emergency family business. Such absences are unexcused.
  4. Students with ten (10) days of absences may be required to provide a doctor's note, be referred to the Site Attendance Review Team (SART), or be referred to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB).
  5. Excused Absences– Generally an excused absence is one where the parent/guardian communicates with the school about the absence and the absence is for illness, family emergency, medical appointment or official school business. In addition, if a student is out less than a full day, the parent must sign the student in/out at the office.
  6. Homework Assignments missed during a student’s excused absence should be made-up within the same number of days as the length of the absence. Missed work during an unexcused absence does not have to be accepted by the teacher. Students absent for 1 – 2 days are encouraged to receive homework assignments from a classmate or, if necessary, wait until returning to school to receive the assignments. Students absent for 3 days may call the Attendance Office and request the assignments. One full school day is needed to acquire all assignments from the teachers. As with all other school assignments, it is the student’s responsibility to turn in all completed make-up work.
  7. Leaving Campus : Once on campus, students can not leave. If there is a reason to leave campus during school hours, a student must…Bring a note signed by a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office before the start of classes. Be signed out in the office, by a parent/guardian or by an adult listed on the Emergency Information Card on file in the office, before leaving campus. For your child’s safety, we ask that a picture I.D. be shown. Upon return to the school, if it is the same day, the student must check-in at the Attendance Office to receive a Re-Admit Slip to be signed the next day by all teachers whose class periods were missed.
  8. Supervision: Haskell Middle School provides supervision for students on campus during regular school hours and during any authorized, scheduled after-school activities until the event is over. Students must leave campus immediately after school unless they are authorized to stay until their after-school activity is over. Students are encouraged to go directly home and do not loiter or hang out at local businesses in the community. Parents are strongly encouraged to pick up students who are not walking home immediately after school or after the student’s authorized event is over.
If your child is absent, it is the parent’s responsibility to call the office and let our staff know why they are absent on the day of their absence. You have the option of calling or by sending a note to the office when they return to school. Please help your child to be in class on time and also get a good night's rest. Please call the following phone number to report an absence between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm…………(562) 229-7815 or (562) 860-6529. Thank you.